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Talent Management and HR Strategies

Talent Management word cloud, business conceptCompanies operate in a highly competitive business environment and regularly encounter organizational challenges that can affect their human resources. In order to anticipate or overcome these problems, businesses call on human resources specialists who are experts in their field and are able to provide customized solutions that are practical and sustainable. These experts provide an operational and strategic vision in order to restore a sense of dynamism to a company and its human resources.

Is your organization dealing with changes or new challenges and looking for a HR Consultant? Do you have projects in Canada or abroad and looking for a HR Consultant to join your multidiscipliary project team?

HOJYNE Consulting provides consulting services in human resources and develops business partnerships with other consulting firms to work on challenging and large-scale projects.
HOJYNE Consulting contributes to the success and development of your organization; maintaining a positive work environment; and the development of skills within your organization. HOJYNE Consulting does so by conducting a thorough study (diagnosis) and proposes personalized and tailored solutions designed to improve your organizational performance, help you better plan your needs and effectively manage your workforce.

Talent Management 

An effective talent management solution contributes to the economic success of your organization. It is focused on Three (3) dimensions:  Talent Attraction & AcquisitionLearning & Development | Retention & Employees’ engagement.

Strategic planning and organization : what are your needs, challenges and expectations?
• Human Resources assessment and inventory of existing resources
• Future human resource needs forecasting and analysis
• HR management practices’ evaluation
• HR strategies Development
• Succession Planning

Staffing & Recruiting: how to select the best talents ?  
• Labor requirements assessment
• Job descriptions and competency profile design
• Workforce recruitment and hiring
• Talent attraction, acquisition and retention strategy
• Onboarding and integration process for new employees
• Employees placement and mobility

HR Processes & Tools (If necessary): what are the available resources?
• Internal company policies & HR tools
• Employees on-boarding process
• Specific programs : referral, mobility etc.

Retention and Recognition: how to optimize their engagement?
• Employee Recognition Policy
• Loyalty and Engagement Strategy
• Employee Satisfaction Survey

HR Marketing and Employer Branding

What employer experience do you offer? What are your promises and your commitment?

• HR Strategies & Communication
• Methods & Channels of communication
• Analysis & Impact of HR Marketing

The success of projects relies on the management team’s commitment and employees’ involvement.