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Recruitment | Headhunting

Continually finding new talents is a key challenge that determines business success. Recruiting and losing a worker comes at a significant cost to a company, which is why it is essential to establish the best talent attraction and acquisition strategy. In other words, to develop effective ways to recruit high-potential candidates and above all keep their loyalty.

We have over 10 (ten) years of experience in recruitment and talent acquisition operating in various business areas: Engineering, IT, Marketing and Communication, Administration and Finance, Sales and Business Development …

Are you currently facing an increased workload or an exceptional situation and are looking for a temporary recruiter to work on-site or a headhunter?

HOJYNE Consulting is committed to having the necessary tools and strategies for efficient and competitive selection on hand. We only present competent and qualified candidates. We support you in hiring the best talent on the market, allowing you to save valuable time during your recruitment process. You will receive either a confirmed on-site recruiter, or a dedicated headhunter that will offer you the best services.

HOJYNE Consulting and its partners offer professionals and executive recruitment services.

When you entrust us with a mandate, we offer (if applicable) support with developing the job vacancies’ profile, creating the job descriptions, and the establishment of criteria for assessing applications in order to select the best candidates. We also handle reference checks from previous employers as well as criminal records check (on request). By choosing HOJYNE Consulting, you make us your trusted advisor and partner.

As a headhunter we are committed to finding you the “cream of the crop.” We are constantly looking for skilled and qualified talent. We continuously monitor businesses employing high-potential managers as well as our network of contacts.

We leverage large-scale social and professional networks; and tap into their databases. We are people who place a premium on contact, communication, boldness and confidence.

Our experience spans across several areas and sectors: Administration and Financial Services, Marketing and Communication, Broadcasting & Production, Education and Teaching, Information Technology, Retail and many more.