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Coaching on Black-Golden Watch Face.HOJYNE Consulting provides a customized support service for the development of your employees and leaders (Leadership, Talent Management etc.). We design creative workshops to prepare for the labor market (Interview technique, resume writing, job search technique etc.). We also assist you in developing your personal branding as skilled professional.

At HOJYNE Consulting, coaching is currently focused around professionals who demonstrate a desire for evolution and change as well as individuals going through a job search. We offer business solutions through our partners. Contact us!

Are you looking to develop your potential, optimize your performance and maximize your interpersonal skills in the workplace? Are you facing new professional challenges?

HOJYNE Consulting helps you define and achieve your goals based on your needs and workplace situation. You get personalized support allowing you to achieve tangible results.

Through the coaching process, you will be required to:

• Develop self-awareness and self-confidence
• Explore your personal potential
• Identify your next challenges
• Define your means for achieving the desired outcomes
• Assess your progress and improvements

These action steps are designed to meet your specific needs and encourage your personal and professional development.

Are you looking to “boost” your career and receive advice or employment support?

HOJYNE Consulting and its partners are here to help and offer their services.

Our main goal is to help you get job interviews within a reasonable amount of time. We have a resume writing method that highlights the most relevant aspects of your career in order to match with the real requirements of the job market and of current employers.

HOJYNE Consulting:

• Guides, advises and provides clients with effective tools to improve their job search and their integration into the labor market
• Highlights your skill set so that they can meet the job market requirements
• Promotes and highlights your skills and interpersonal qualities
• Assists with writing a cover letter and resume that is compelling, relevant and competitive
• Helps clients develop a better understanding of the job market and uncover opportunities in the hidden job market
• Advises on the development of your network of contacts and your interpersonal communication skills
• Assists with improving your interview skills and in developing self-confidence

We want to make you the best job hunters.

HOJYNE Consulting is building a loyal and growing clientele consisting of:

• Managers and business leaders
• Professionals (various domains)
• skilled jobs seekers
• Newcomers
• Specialists in Information Technology
• Young Graduates, etc…